About Us

Island greetings!

We are Thoywell and Shanelle (T&S;), a Canadian couple who have a love for the beautiful island of Barbados and wish to share it with you. We have travelled to many islands in the Caribbean and Barbados is- by far- our favourite. This may be because Shanelle’s family hails from this island, or it may be because Barbados is known for its great food, beautiful beaches, friendly atmosphere, and rich history. Either way, Barbados (a.k.a. “Gem of the Caribbean Sea”) is an island that appeals to all- whether you are a beach bum, a surfer, an historian, or a criqueter.

Despite having familial roots on the island, Shanelle did not visit Barbados much during childhood, and only truly discovered its beauty and easy way-of-life a little more than a decade ago. Thoywell soon discovered the joys of visiting Barbados for himself, and we determined that we would purchase a home on the island when the time was right. Thankfully, the right time came earlier rather than later, and we were afforded the opportunity to purchase two condos at Stargaze Condominiums. The best parts of our condo purchase and new venture are: 1) Stargaze Condos are located in Enterprise, Christ Church, which is an area we have stayed in and with which we are familiar; 2) The condos are within walking distance (10-12 minutes) to Miami Beach , a well-known spot for surfing, swimming, and sunbathing; 3) Stargaze condos are also close to the delicious food and nightlife found in the town of Oistins Barbados ; 4) The condos are located approximately 10-15 minutes away from Grantley Adams International Airport ; and 5) We get to share all that Barbados has to offer with you, our guests!

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