March 18, 2019

A Helpful Guide To Finding The Best Beach In Oistins Barbados

Miami Beach Oistins Barbados
If you are looking for a vacation spot, Barbados is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. My wife and I have been travelling to the island for more than 10 years now and every time we go there we have always stayed in Oistins, which is located in the parish of Christ Church, Barbados. In 2017 we purchased our own “Oistins Barbados” vacation rental so we have a place for ourselves to stay when we come down and so we can provide a place to stay for other tourists who wish to “live like the locals”. The best part about being in Oistins is the opportunity to be close to the local tourist attraction of Oistins Friday Night Fish Fry. But when it comes to beaches, where can you find the best beaches in Oistins, Barbados?

Best Beach in Oistins, Barbados

We can help make it easy for you to find the best beaches close to the local tourist area. When looking at an Oistins, Barbados map it is a small area in the parish of Christ Church but it does have one of the best beaches on the island: Enterprise (Miami) beach. The beach’s official name is Enterprise beach, but it is known and spoken of as Miami beach. The beach is located on Enterprise Beach Road (or Enterprise Coast Road, depending on the map or the signs), about a quarter of a mile west of Highway 7 on the South Coast of Barbados. It is easy for us to get there as it is a 10-minute walk from our condos to the beach, or a 3-minute drive. The best thing about the beach it that if you are hungry there is a local vendor on site. Be prepared to wait as they do usually have long lines and most of the food they cook is fresh and cooked to order.

However, if you can’t wait, Oistins Fishing Village is another 5-minute walk from the beach where there are many local vendors from whom you can get food. The area is mostly a residential area where vacation rentals are becoming more popular; there are also a couple of hotels in Oistins close to the beach. Most notable of those hotels is Little Arches Hotel where the Café Luna restaurant is. This beach has two sides to it: a smaller, calm side (where most of the locals swim) and the more open, larger side where the waters are a bit rougher. There is plenty of shade and several picnic tables to choose from and usually the beach is not that full; although with the influx of new hotels that may change.

How to Get to Miami Beach

If you are leaving from one of our condos you take a quick left from our building and an immediate right onto Enterprise Beach Road. A 3-minute drive or a 10-minute walk and you will see the beach on your left.

Other Driving Directions to Miami Beach

By ZR Vans or Public Buses:
Both the ZR vans and public buses travel along this Highway 7 road on a daily basis. Access to the beach is at the Oistins Post Office stop. Follow the pathway from there to the beach.

By Car coming from Bridgetown:
If you go into Bridgetown and want to stop in on the way back is to drive along Highway 7 until you reach Oistins.
Highway 7 splits after passing the Oistins Police Station and Oistins Post Office. Continue to go straight and turn right at Enterprise Drive (at Bloomdale Apartments).
Continue on Enterprise Drive towards the beach bearing right at the intersection. Turn right at Enterprise Beach Road. The beach is just down the road on your left. Beach parking is easy or you can opt for the nearby street parking.

If you are looking to do water sports, there is a local surfing business that can help teach all levels of surfers. Please find that information below:
Boosy’s Surf School – beginner, intermediate surf instruction
Phone: 246-267-3182

While there are other beaches in Barbados that are just as nice and even better (we will get to Brownes beach in a later post) for those looking for the best beach close by this one is it. If you look up Miami beach in Oistins on Trip Advisor it will give you the very high rating of this beach. You will not be disappointed.

Have you been to Miami beach in Barbados? Let us know!

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