March 22, 2019

A Helpful Guide To Buying Groceries In Oistins Barbados

Groceries In Oistins Barbados
If you are a person who uses Airbnb a lot, then it might be safe to say that you don’t usually stay at places where food is included. Even with the large number of Oistins Barbados hotels around, most of them are not all-inclusive and as a result, you need to find your own food. While you could go out to eat and buy food every time, going to the local grocery store to get the essentials is ideal for most travellers. That way, you can cook your own food.

What Are You Looking to Buy?

For lighter foods like sandwiches, fresh bread, canned food, and milk, you can simply stop at any of the rum shops or convenience stores around the island. You will also find raw/roasted peanuts, coconut bread, and peanut cake on sale from street vendors dotted all over the island, or salted nuts, cassava pone and other such snacks in gas stations island-wide. If you’re going to Barbados to stay for a longer term, then you will definitely need to find a supermarket to buy your groceries and other essential living items. If you’re looking for more ideas on where to shop, read this article .

Where is the Best Place to Buy Groceries in Oistins Barbados?

When looking at the map of Oistins you will see that nestled close to where Friday night fish fry is located, there is a southern plaza where you will find Massy Stores Supermarket. When it comes to buying groceries, this is the main place to go to. This location has a wide selection of grocery items such as meats, cheeses, alcohol, produce, bakery items, household items, and a small pharmacy. They also have their own food vendor onsite where you can purchase macaroni pie, flying fish, chicken, and other Bajan staples right inside the store.

How Do You Buy?

When shopping, you can pay in Barbados dollars (BBD) or you can also pay in United States dollars (USD). The price in US dollars is always half the Barbados price so, if something costs 10 dollars in BBD then you can give 5 dollars USD to pay for the item. You can also use your credit card at many grocery stores (particularly Visa and Mastercard- I’m not sure about AMEX). At Massy Stores Supermarket there are store workers who will bag your groceries for you (which is always nice) and if need be, there is a shuttle service that can take you home if you have many groceries. Having said this, be mindful that the shuttle waits to take a sizeable group of people so depending on where you live, you could be in for a scenic route drive.

How to Get to Massy Stores Supermarket:

If you are going from our condos you need to turn right onto Lower Carters Gap and go straight until you get to Enterprise Road (Highway 7). Make a left and drive until you go past the Oistins Police Station and Oistins Post Office. You will be entering Oistins and continue driving until you see the Rubis gas station on your right. Pass it and turn into the next driveway on your right and park. On Google maps they are located here .

Other Driving Directions

By ZR Vans or Public Buses:
Both the ZR vans and public buses travel along Enterprise Road (Highway 7) on a regular basis. There is a bus stop right in front of the Rubis gas station.

By Car coming from Bridgetown:
If you go into Bridgetown and want to stop in on the way back is to drive along Highway 7 until you see the Rubis gas station on your left. Turn in and park.

Massy Stores Supermarket Oistins Barbados Opening Hours:
• Monday 8am-8pm
• Tuesday 8am-8pm
• Wednesday 8am-8pm
• Thursday 8am-8pm
• Friday 8am-9pm
• Saturday 8am-9pm
• Sunday 8am-2pm


If you are looking for a great selection of groceries at a good price and located close to where you are in Oistins, Massy is your best bet. You have the convenience of using different forms of payment and you have a great selection to choose from. It is also close to Miami beach so you can pick some things up after an afternoon of soaking up the sun!

Have you shopped at Massy before? If so, tell us where and what you bought.

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