March 27, 2019

A Helpful Guide To Driving In Oistins Barbados

Driving in Oistins Barbados
When it comes to getting around in Oistins Barbados, the town is so small you can walk everywhere and get to your destination within 20-25 minutes. When Shanelle and I first started going to Barbados we would walk to our destinations, then we started to take public transportation, and we have now started driving everywhere. Once we started driving our own rented vehicle, we never looked back. It can be congested travelling to Oistins or anywhere in Barbados at certain times, so being in your own car makes the experience easier and more comfortable. However, there are some things you will need to get used to when you start driving in Barbados.

Right Hand Drive Vehicles

One thing you will need to get used to very quickly is driving on the right hand side of the car which also means driving on the left side of the road. When driving in Barbados you always need to keep left which can be very disorienting, especially if you live in a country where you drive on the right side of the road, and you are having to drive on the opposite side for the first time. If you are coming from a country where this is the norm (e.g. England), then this will not be an issue for you. If you are not from a country that uses right hand drive vehicles, then you will also have to become accustomed to…


If you have never driven into a roundabout (or a traffic circle), doing so for the first time can be very intimidating. Cars flying quickly, who has the right of way, when to go, when not to go, it can be a lot to consider and a lot to handle. Thankfully, we have some helpful tips:

• Look right and wait for a break in traffic before merging with the oncoming vehicles
• Leave the circle by using your indicator and turn left onto the road of your choice
• If you are not sure of where to go continue to go around the roundabout until you see your exit and you can exit safely
Here is a list of roundabouts in Oistins Barbados and around the island:
• Top Rock Roundabout- Oistins Barbados
• Clyde Walcott
• Darcy Scott
• Edwy Talma
• Emancipation Statue Bussa
• Errol Walton Barrow
• Everton Weekes
• Frank Worrell
• Henry Forde
• Lawrence Johnson
• Norman A Niles
• Sir Garfield Sobers
• Tom Adams

Driver’s Licenses

If you are looking to drive in Barbados, you will need to get a visitor’s driver’s license before you can drive on public roads. The cost of a permit for 2 months or less is 5 US dollars. You can obtain a license in one of two ways. You can go to a Barbados Licensing Authority office and get one, or you can have a local rental car company issue one when you purchase a vehicle to rent. Barbados Licensing Authority office is located in Oistins Barbados in the Oistins Southern Plaza, where Massy grocery store and First Caribbean Bank is located. The office is located upstairs in the plaza and they open at 8:30am until 3:00pm.

Car Rental Companies

When you rent a car in Barbados, you can have a car rental company representative meet you at the airport with the rented car. In doing so you must be able to drive legally immediately, so car rental agencies are able to give government-issued visitor driving permits on the spot. The last time we rented a car we used Stoute's Car Rental and had a great experience. They met me at the airport, we did all the paperwork on the spot, and I was able to drive off within 15 minutes. When our trip was ended and I was done with the vehicle I was able to drop it off at the airport as I was leaving; extremely convenient! You can find a list of other car rental agencies at the airport here . If you are looking for more car rental companies, you can find a list of them below:

• Six Rent a Car - Barbados Airport
• Drive Barbados Rent A Car
• Coconut Car Rentals and Tours
• Top Car Rentals
• Courtesy Rent A Car, Grantley Adams Intl Airport
• ACE Rent A Car
• Venture Car Rentals & Tours
• Rentazoom Car Rentals


There is a wide range of varied, inexpensive public transportation that you can use to get around the island. However, if you prefer the freedom of being able to drive where you want at your own convenience then driving around Barbados in a rented vehicle is a better option for you. The price of a license is a steal and you can choose your rental car options to get price that fits your budget.

We would love to know your experiences of driving in a right hand drive vehicle on the left side of the road whether in Barbados or any other country! Were you/are you intimidated? Or are you a pro?

Island Greetings,
Thoywell & Shanelle
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