April 1, 2019

A Helpful Guide To Understand Transit In Oistins Barbados

ZR Van Oistins Barbados

In a previous post I spoke about driving in Barbados; what you need in order to drive and what the driving experience is like. For those who are not interested in driving, there are many options when it comes to getting around in Oistins Barbados and around the island on a whole. For the most part, if you are staying in Oistins, you are centrally located so you could get around by walking. You can get to the beach, to the grocery store, to the bank, and to dining options all within 15-20 minutes of walking. However, if you are looking to travel to other places on the island or just wish to get to your nearby destination without having to drive or walk there, there are various forms of transportation that you can use in Barbados.

Public Transportation

The island of Barbados has public transportation in the form of the Barbados Public Transportation Board . They have standard buses that run on specific bus routes and travel within specified times during the week. The Transport Board has 88 bus routes in Barbados with 624 bus stops. Their bus routes run throughout the eleven parishes and cover an area from the North (Saint Lucy) with a stop at Connelltown to the South (Christ Church) with a stop at St Christopher Church. Their most western stop is Half Moon Fort (Saint Lucy) and the most eastern stop is Merricks (Saint Philip).

There are 3 main bus terminals located at Fairchild Street, Bridgetown; Princess Alice Highway, St. Michael and Speightstown, St. Peter. Fortunately, there are also 3 sub terminals, and one of them is in Oistins. The issue with public transportation is that buses do not run as often as you would need them in order to get around quickly. So my wife and I usually do not take public transportation. If we come across a Transport Board bus, we will jump on board but that doesn’t happen frequently. So if you are looking to get to an Oistins Barbados fish fry quickly, this option isn't for you.

If you are looking for a complete listing of routes and times you can find it here .


Taxis are a mode of transportation that I have not used during my time visiting Barbados. They are more expensive than the other forms of public transportation that can get you to your intended destination in almost the same amount of time and at a cheaper cost (more about ZR vans later). Most people take a taxi from the airport to wherever they are staying for convenience. If you are looking for a taxi going to Oistins Barbados, you are going to pay around 24 BBD or 12 US dollars. Prices would then vary from where you are going to but in my opinion, it's not worth it when you have cheaper options. If you are looking for posted rates for all taxi companies from the airport to all areas of the island, click here .

ZR Vans

Before I started driving around Barbados, this was my mode of transportation. The ZR van is, in my opinion, the best way to get around the island if you cannot or will not drive. There are actual bus stops all over the island but the ZR van drivers will usually stop for you as long as you hold your hand out to indicate that you want them to pick you up. Generally, the ZR vans have both a driver and a conductor. The conductor collects your fare money and tries to make sure you can easily get in and out of the van at your appointed stop.
The roads seem to be full of ZR vans, which more often than not makes them the most reliable form of public transport on the island. There is no set timetable for these vans, so the ZRs actually run more frequently than the buses, and run much later into the night. The cost is only 2US dollars- very cheap! Some things to keep in mind:
• Conductors pile people into the vans in an attempt to make more money. Often travelers are asked to ‘double up’ which means sitting on people’s laps in order to squeeze in as many people as possible. True island travelling!

• They often play loud music and sometimes it can be quite vulgar. If you have small kids or are offended by this, please keep it in mind
• They travel QUITE FAST and weave in and out of traffic most time, so be prepared for an experience


If you are not looking to drive while on the island, the ZR vans are the cheapest and best way to travel in Oistins and around Barbados. As long as you are okay with fast driving, loud music, and possibly sitting on other peoples’ laps or very close to them, then this is a good way to experience true island travelling at a minuscule cost.

Have you ever travelled on a ZR van (or a similar type of mini bus on another island)? Let us know!

Island Greetings,
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