April 4, 2019

A Helpful Guide To Understand Surfing In Oistins Barbados

Surfing Oistins Barbados
When it comes to vacationing, water sports are top of mind for many people who travel to the Caribbean. One water sport that draws a lot of people to the island of Barbados is surfing. Now I myself have never been surfing but I have found that many people enjoy the prospect of standing on a board and riding a wave. When coming to Oistins Barbados we do have great spots for surfing that are near to the area.

Along the South Coast of Barbados, surfers find what they are looking for at many spots along the way down to Southpoint on almost any given day of the year. So it is at Freids where the cleanest wave one could dream of rolls out on Cotton Bays' beach. Right around the corner is South Point, home of many surfing competitions in the past, with a fairly powerful and clean wave.

Silver Sands Beach is a pitchy shore break and can fit all sorts of descriptions, from mushy to super clean, but it always is quite powerful. It seems to break 365 days a year and is the last break to check when nothing is happening anywhere else. The closest one in the heart of Oistins is Frieghts Bay.

Frieghts Bay

Freights Bay is located on the South Coast of Barbados, in the parish of Christ Church , in the area of Oistins Barbados. Freights Bay in Barbados is not an area to visit if you are seeking a family day out - there are no amenities or facilities here, no toilets or showers, no food and drink outlets, and no lifeguard for your safety as this area is really for experienced surfers. Miami (Enterprise) Beach is a 10-minute walk down Enterprise Coast Road which is more ideal for families.
It is these waves that have made Freights Bay an ideal surfing spot for everyone from beginner to expert surfers. Freights Bay is sheltered, with off-shore winds, and the long wave there can become really hollow in the higher swells. The wave generally breaks in about four (4) feet of water, and as the bottom is mostly sand and reef it is considered safe for all surfers. The best winds at Freights Bay are between December and June, and the best surf can be found between November and March in winds of between fifteen (15) and twenty-five (25) knots. You can the reference for this information here .

Boosy’s Surf School

When most people stay in Oistins the most common and known surfing school close to Freights Bay is Boosy’s Surf School. They help people to do water sports and help to teach people of all experience levels. They are close by Freights Bay and provide all equipment for students. The details of the school are found below.

Boosy’s Surf School – beginner, intermediate surf instruction
Website: http://boosyssurfschool.com
Phone: 246-267-3182
email: boosyinbarbados@yahoo.com
You can also find their review on Trip Advisor .


If you are looking to surf in Barbados, there are great spots all over the island. To find other locations please look here: Best Surfing Spots. When it comes to the best spot in Oistins Barbados, Freights Bay is the best option for you. Just be reminded that it is not for families.

Have you been surfing before and if so, have you surfed in Freights Bay?

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