April 10, 2019

A Helpful Guide To Travelling With Kids In Oistins Barbados

Travel with Kids Oistins
When it comes to travelling, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of the little ones you are travelling with is always a concern. Parents always have to plan where they are going and what to bring such as food, clothes, diapers, bottles, and other necessities. You may think you have everything accounted for but there are things that you cannot account for when travelling abroad. There are many things on the island of Barbados that can make the experience of travelling with children difficult for you if you do not know about them ahead of time. When it comes to travelling to Oistins Barbados with your kids in tow, here are some things you need to keep in mind.


When it comes to transportation and children there don’t seem to be any set rules regarding children in cars and/or taxis. In relation to the law, the wearing of seatbelts is compulsory in Barbados for both drivers and passengers. Children under 5 years of age must use an appropriate child seat, which can be rented from a local car rental company. However, in actuality no one really enforces these laws. So when we go to Barbados and drive with our kids we don’t bring a car seat because we know the police do not enforce car seat laws. We always ensure that our kids are seated in the back seat and strapped into the vehicle’s regular seat belt. Taxi drivers also are not strict about who can and cannot drive with them because of not having a car seat.

The same thing can be said about ZR vans. There are no strict rules when it comes to children riding in the vans- no car seats or booster seats are required or even asked for. In fact, adults are not even required to buckle up when riding in a ZR van; this would be impossible anyway, since adults and children are often asked to “double up” and sit on other peoples laps to fit more people into the van. If you need to or want to bring car seats or booster seats for your kids, feel free to but just know that these rules are not enforced.


Strollers are a convenient way to transport infants and small children, especially if you will be taking long walks to the beach or going into town to do some local shopping. However, Barbados is not the ideal place to use a stroller because more often than not, there are no sidewalks on which to push a stroller. Most of the roads are very narrow, two-way streets. Driving can seem dangerous on these roads, much less walking with kids and a stroller. Perhaps a better option is to use a lightweight baby carrier so that you are not walking in the road with a stroller and trying to maneuver over and around bumpy roads and hills.

In the words of Michael Moseley in an article Give Our Roads Wider Sidewalks

“Yes, it is true that a large number of roads “evolved”, so to speak, from what were essentially cart tracks. They became not much more than paved versions of the same thing.
However, there is no escaping, the conclusion that (with just a statistically small exception) Barbadian roads were planned and built for the benefit of carriage and cart owners and their successors – the motorists.”

Places Where Strollers Can Be Used

The ideal places where strollers could be used more easily are in tourist areas. Places such as St. James , St. Lawrence Gap , and the area where the board walk is are all stroller friendly. You can see the entire boardwalk in this link here .

Groceries for Kids

Massy super market which is located in the heart of Oistins, has a huge selection of paraphernalia for children such as diapers, wipes, baby food, formula, baby cereal, and anything else you would need to take care of young children. Unfortunately, this comes at a price. Most of the items are very expensive and overpriced. We have two children and have been travelling to Barbados with them since 2014. We have never bought any baby items while we were on the island as it was cheaper to buy them in Canada and stuff everything into our luggage to bring with us. It isn’t really worth it to buy baby essentials in Barbados, unless you really need them. Take the time to plan and buy things ahead of time before you depart on your trip.


When it comes to travelling in Barbados you are better off keeping the heavy items (stroller, car and booster seats) at home if you don’t need them and travel with smaller and lighter essentials. This results in less baggage and weight for you to carry and is much less stressful for the whole family. Of course, if you are staying in a tourist location then it will probably be fine, but if you are looking to branch out to see more local areas of the island, these will likely be more cumbersome than helpful.

Let us know your thoughts on what it is like to travel with kids below.

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