April 15, 2019

A Helpful Guide To Holidays In Oistins Barbados

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When it comes to travelling to Oistins Barbados, it seems like everyday is a holiday. However, while on vacation, national holidays can affect your plans and cause you to change what you may have wanted to do. In Barbados, national holidays are called “bank holidays”; while there is no automatic right to have time off from work on these days, banks and most government offices close and the majority of the working population is granted time off from work or receive extra pay for working on these days.

What this means is, if you are looking to go on an excursion somewhere on a bank holiday you might be out of luck due to the majority of people not at work and places being closed. It is important when vacationing during a bank holiday period to know what these holidays are and plan around them. You don’t want to be in a place where you need to go into the bank to do important banking, only to find that the bank is closed.

Bank Holidays in Barbados

• New Year's Day (January 1)
• Errol Barrow Day
• Good Friday
• Easter Monday
• National Heroes' Day
• Labour Day
• Whit Monday
• Emancipation Day
• Kadooment Day
• Independence Day (November 30)
• Christmas Day (December 25)
• Boxing Day (December 26)

What Usually Happens On a Bank Holiday

Usually on the island most people end up on the beach to celebrate the bank holiday as most places are closed. For this reason, if you plan on going to the beach be sure to get there early as the beach will fill up as more people come to celebrate throughout the day.


If you are looking to catch a bus on a bank holiday they usually run on Sunday service which means buses will travel slower than normal and in most cases buses don’t run as often as ZR vans when service runs as normal. If you are looking for all bus routes, please click here . ZR vans however, still run very frequently even on bank holidays so, if you are travelling by public transit the ZR vans are the best option.

A great thing about staying in Oistins Barbados is that you can walk to everything within 15-25 minutes. If you are staying at our condos you can get to Miami beach in a 10-minute walk or a 3-minute drive. You can also get to the heart of Oistins in a 15-minute walk.


When it comes to bank holidays, just be sure to keep in mind the things that you would be interested in doing while you are on the island of Barbados. If you pick a day when establishments are closed due to a bank holiday you may not be able to go on that excursion, get to the bank, or do that shopping. But if you are looking to lounge at the beach, then bank holidays are a great time to go and relax.

Let us know if you have been to the beach on a bank holiday.

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