April 17, 2019

A Helpful Guide To Entertainment In Oistins Barbados

oistins barbados st Lawrence Gap
We know that if you are going to Oistins Barbados, most people are going to enjoy Oistins’ Friday Night Fish Fry. In addition to the fish fry, there is entertainment and activities happening all throughout the week in Oistins. There is always music, activities, and tons of things to do while you’re out during the week. Most of the vendors that are out for Oistins fish fry are also available during the week so you can still go out and eat delicious food with a little less island flare as it is not as busy.


There are a lot of bars in and throughout Oistins that people can go to and enjoy a drink and listen to some island music. Usually most bars also have a karaoke night where people can go up and sing a song, and this usually lasts well into the morning hours. There are two bars close to our condos that people can walk to in less than 3 minutes:

Both of these are great options for you to enjoy a local evening out. If you are looking at going more into the city, here is a list of bars that are closer to the Oistins town centre that you can also go to.

Yemmu's Bar and Grill
• Cafe Luna Barbados
• Hercules Bar
• Balcony Bar
Silver Fox

Nightlife Outside of Oistins

If you are looking for other nightlife activities outside of Oistins, you could jump on a ZR van and travel a little further out to Carlisle Bay and go to Harbour Lights. It is an open air beachfront nightclub which offers some of Barbados' best nightlife with a distinct Caribbean atmosphere. It has a weekly Beach Extravaganza and is great for an authentic Barbados dining experience, while having a local BBQ with cultural entertainment including the Fire Eater, Stilt Walker and Limbo Dancer. Of course the biggest attraction outside of Oistins would be St. Lawrence Gap.

St. Lawrence Gap

St. Lawrence Gap, also known as “The Gap” by locals, is a small street on the South coast of Barbados in the parish of Christ Church. This is where the majority of hotels, restaurants, residential homes/condos, and small vendors all come together to provide an authentic Bajan experience. The gap is split into two areas: the west end and the east end. The west end is the more active side filled with vendors, restaurants, clubs, and bars. You will also find a short boardwalk with a few benches where you can sit with a cool drink and watch as the sun sets.

The east side of The Gap is a lot quieter with hotels, condos and guesthouses intermingled with private homes. You will notice a more relaxed atmosphere as you stroll to a restaurant and then on to a bar or two for a refreshing drink. Speaking of bars there is a more extensive list of bars within The Gap that you can go to. Some of them include:

• Scoopie’s Jazz Bar
• The Gap Bar
• Primo Bar & Bistro
• Sea Window Bar
• Hal’s Carpark Bar
• Sharkey’s Bar
• Jan-Frank Cocktail Barb
• Big Mamas Sports Bar
• Sharkey’s Tropical Bar


When it comes to nightlife and entertainment there are many things that you could go out and do while you’re in or around Oistins. If you are looking for something lively to do you have many different bars to go to. However, if you are more like me and enjoy a quieter evening of fine dining, in our next blogs we will discuss our favorite restaurants on the island.

Let us know what your favorite nightlife activity is.

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