April 22, 2019

A Helpful Guide To Fast Food In Oistins Barbados

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When you think of fast food you tend to think of greasy, unhealthy hamburgers and French fries that are not good for you and should not be eaten everyday. While fast food is the same almost everywhere, when it comes to island living and fast food there are some differences in the options that you have and how the food is made. Usually when we go to the island of Barbados we aren’t going there to eat fast food but rather prefer to eat fresh fish from the Oistins Barbados Friday night fish fry. However, there are times when you want something quick and easy to eat and fast food certainly hits the spot. When it comes to finding fast food places in Oistins Barbados these two places are our favorites.


We don’t eat at KFC in Canada. The chicken is way too salty and everything seems to be bathed in oil. On my last trip to Barbados (Dec 2018) I was looking for something to eat and I tried the KFC just to see if there was any difference. Man, was I surprised. This KFC was very, very good. I didn’t order anything to out of the box- just a 3-piece chicken combo with fries and a drink. The chicken itself was seasoned completely differently than in Canada and has a totally different taste. It wasn’t salty, greasy chicken; it was seasoned chicken and it had actual flavour.

While there are numerous locations across the island, there is a location right in the heart of Oistins, right on the main road with a huge sign so that it cannot be missed. When it comes to the menu it is pretty standard across all KFC’s in the world where you can get chicken piece combos, chicken sandwich combos, chicken nugget/strip combos and a variety of kids’ meals. The location is very small so you may not want to stay to eat and the service is not very good- at least not according to Canadian standards. But, if you are looking just to get something quick to eat this is a good choice. The price is average for a fast food place. You can get a combo for 10 -12 Barbados dollars. You can find KFC Oistins Barbados trip advisor here . There is, however, a better choice…


When it comes to fast food in Barbados Chefette is king in that outside of KFC there is no other fast food restaurants allowed on the island. This is not your typical fast food place as they serve a wide array of food options. It is known for its one-stop shopping for the full dining experience as it offers high quality food in addition to offering a healthier menu and using zero trans fat soya oil, superior customer service, extremely clean surroundings, great value, convenience through its drive-thrus and pizza and Barbecue Barn hotlines, and comfort in fully air-conditioned and smoke free dining areas.

When it comes to the menu you can find everything you need all in one spot. They offer roti, chicken and chicken sandwiches, pizza, burgers, fries, and ice cream. They have a number of different combos to choose from and from a taste standpoint, this chicken blows KFC out of the water. All of the food in Chefette has an island taste/feel. When we buy I usually get a chicken combo, while my wife usually gets a roti. My kids love the chicken and fries option and most combos also come with a soft bun. As for the price I would say it is average to most fast food places. You can get a combo for 9-10 Barbados dollars.You can find Chefette Oistins Barbados trip advisor here .


Chefette has locations all across the island with a grand total of 15. There is a location in Oistins which is a 15-minute walk or a 5-minute drive from our condo. To drive to the location:
If you are leaving from our condos you need to turn right onto Lower Carters Gap and go straight until you get to Enterprise Road (Highway 7). Make a left and drive until you go past the Oistins Police Station and Oistins Post Office. You will be entering Oistins and after driving past the bus sub terminal you will see the location on the right.


If you are looking for fast food the best option for you would be Chefette as you will get good food at a good price with a bit of island flair. KFC would be a good second option but when it comes to chicken Chefette cannot be beat. However, if you are looking for less of a “fast food” option but more so food on the go our next blog will speak to our next favorite food options.

Have you eaten at KFC or Chefette in Barbados? Let us know!

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