April 24, 2019

A Helpful Guide To Food On The Go In Oistins Barbados

Ackee Tree Oistins Barbados
In my last blog we spoke about some fast food options in Oistins Barbados, being KFC and Chefette's. Now, as I stated before these are restaurant options that we don't go to often; usually only if we’re pressed for time or extremely hungry and don’t want to wait for food that takes long to prepare. When it comes to what I call "food on the go" options, these are places that we frequent most of the time when we are driving about the island (apart from Uncle George’s on a Friday night fish fry). Quality food and a great price. The first place is a great fusion of Bajan food with some Jamaican and Trinidadian accents thrown in. The place we are talking about is Ackee Tree.

Ackee Tree Barbados

When it comes to finding the best roti in Oistins, Ackee Tree is the best place to go to. If you are looking for authentic Bajan/Trini food for a great price this is the place to go. I remember that we were vacationing in Barbados with our best friend and she mentioned this restaurant just as an aside. We went and were blown away by the food. This place is known for its 1-pound roti, with a choice of chicken, lamb, goat, shrimp, pork or beef as the main filling. Regional flavours like mango chutney and tamarind are some of the extras that you can add to your roti to flavour your meal. They also have local vegetables grown in Barbados such as pumpkin , okra and eggplant that are laid out on offer and can be added to enhance your roti or be taken buffet style with rice. They have lots of fish options as well; shark, dolphin, and snapper all done in Caribbean style. Not to mention, you can also get a refreshing glass of Mauby to wash everything down with.

If you look on Barbados TripAdvisor for Ackee Tree they have a number of reviews and they are all extremely high. When it comes to food and service they have an excellent status and are number 5 of 38 restaurants in the Hastings area. They are in a great area close to many Oistins Barbados hotels, beaches, and tourist spots. The price for most options are reasonable in the 11-15 Barbados dollar range which is a steal for the amount of food you are given. The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch, running through from 8am to 6pm, with the lunch menu commencing from 10:30am.


Ackee Tree is located a little further from Oistins town closer to Accra beach (will speak about that in a future blog). You would not be able to walk there from our condos but it is a 20-minute bus ride or drive away. There is plenty of parking at the location. You can find the location here. If you are looking for great food you don't need to look any further. The next place is on the way to Ackee Tree so you have two great places close to each other.

Just Grillin’

If you are looking for the best burger on the island this place has it. I have never had a meal that combines a hamburger, rice, and Caesar salad before but here this combination works. They don't only have burgers but they also have ribs, shrimp, and fish as mains and potatoes, vegetables and garden salad as other sides. Just Grillin meals consist of platters which include any two of the five side orders available. Just Grillin’ is also on TripAdvisor and again they have a high review rate and are considered a number 2 restaurant.
Some of the main menu options are:

• Grilled Shrimp
• Grilled 8oz. New York Strip Steak
• Barbequed Spare Ribs
• Grilled Catch of the Day
• Grilled Chicken
• Jerk Chicken
• Grilled Catch of the Day Sandwich
• Cheeseburger
• Grilled Chicken Sandwich
• Jerk Chicken Sandwich
• Hamburger

You can find the full menu options here .


There are actually two locations, one in Quayside Centre , Rockley Main Road, Christ Church and the other in Holetown , St. James . The quayside location is set apart in a kiosk-looking structure with wooden benches on either side. The seating area is well-covered and you can stay in the open air and enjoy both the heat and the sea breeze as it blows through. Both locations are fantastic and the food is exactly the same no matter what day or time you go. You would not be able to walk here but it is a 20-minute bus ride or drive away. There is plenty of parking at the location.


When it comes to places where you can get "food on the go", these two are the best on the island. The prices are very affordable and the food is top notch, which is why my family eats at these places all of the time when we are on the island. These restaurants offer practically home-cooked meals that I would want to cook for my kids and I definitely recommend them to you. If you are looking for restaurants that serve authentic Barbados cuisine, our next blog will cover where to find those.

Have you eaten at Ackee Tree or Just Grillin’? Let us know!

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