April 30, 2019

A Helpful Guide To Authentic Food In Oistins Barbados

Cocktail Kitchen Oistins Barbados
If you are travelling to a different country for a vacation, eating authentic food is an important part of experiencing the culture. In previous blogs, we have already covered fast food places and “food to go” options while you are on the island. Now, if you are looking for authentic food to eat in Oistins Barbados, there are two options that I think are really good choices when it comes to authentic Bajan cuisine. The first option is very close to our condominiums while the other option is a bit further away in St. Lawrence Gap. Both of these restaurants are excellent options in very diverse ways which I will outline. The first place is Granny’s Restaurants.

To be honest, this is a restaurant that I only found out about during my last trip to Barbados in December 2018. My mother in law would always frequent this establishment and I made the choice of trying some of their food. I was presently surprised at how good the food was that I continued to buy food from them throughout the entire month of my stay.
When it comes to Granny’s the background behind the restaurant is that a Barbadian matriarch started a little eatery to cater to those persons in the surrounding area, offering them simple Bajan fare. This business is dubbed Granny’s, and its owner and her food are known throughout the length and breadth of Barbados.


When it comes to the food, traditional Bajan cooked food is where it’s at. You can find fried turkey necks, fried gizzards and other fried internal parts. If you are not into fried parts, there are other menu items to choose from. The menu consists of:

• Vegetable chow mein
• Green split pea rice
• Macaroni pie
• Cream potato cooked vegetables
• Dumplings
• Stewed beef and chicken
• Steamed flying fish
• Bangamary, snapper, or steak fish (grilled or fried)


The price is very reasonable for the amount of food that you get. An average meal would cost you 25-30 Barbados dollars which would work out to 12-15 US dollars.


If you are leaving from our condos you need to turn right onto Lower Carters Gap and go straight until you get to Enterprise Road (Highway 7). Make a left and drive until you go past the Oistins Police Station and Oistins Post Office. You will be entering Oistins and parking can be found on the right by Granny’s Restaurant. They are open from 10:30am to 10:00 pm. If you are looking for authentic Bajan food, this would be the place. However, if you are looking for an upscale Bajan food experience the next restaurant is a sure bet.

Cocktail Kitchen also provides authentic Bajan food but with an upscale twist. When I went to Barbados in December 2018, we went twice to eat here because of how good the food was. They serve Bajan favorites such as pudding & souse , oxtail , pigtails, but change it up in an upscale fashion. Instead of just having regular pigtails, they jazz it up by having it turned into ginger BBQ pigtails. Instead of serving just regular pudding and souse they have jazzed it up by doing a sous vide pork shoulder, with pan-fried sweet potato pudding, pickled cucumber and scotch bonnet. Definitely a classier approach to Bajan favorites.

When I was there in December, I had the fish and chips but it wasn’t your traditional version. Instead of halibut and fries, I was treated to Bajan-seasoned and battered catch with breadfruit wedges, tomato salsa and coriander tartar. It was fantastic. The fish, the breadfruit, it was just wow! My wife had many different options while she was there and she enjoyed Caribbean seafood curry and the sausage & mushroom penne pasta. No matter the options it all tastes fantastic! You can find a copy of their menu here !


Cocktail Kitchen is located in St. Lawrence Gap in the heart of the tourist area. If you are leaving from our condos you need to turn right onto Lower Carters Gap and go straight until you get to Enterprise Road (Highway 7). Make a left and drive until you get to the Top Rock roundabout. Make a first left and continue to drive until you see the St. Lawrence Gap sign on your left. There is a parking lot immediately on your left, so feel free to park (you will have to pay). Continue to walk along the road until you see the restaurant on your left.
You can find their exact location here .


The price is a bit more expensive than average, but is reasonable for the quality of food that you get. An average meal with appetizer, main and dessert would cost you 60-80 Barbados dollars which would work out to 30-40 US dollars.


If you are looking for authentic food or a bit of an upscale version to food on the go these two options would be your best bet in my opinion. There are other good restaurants for authentic food ( Brown Sugar comes to mind) but these are my two go-to restaurants when in Barbados. If you are looking for real fine dining options, we will discuss our best two in the next blog
Which restaurants do you go to when in Barbados? Let us know below!

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