May 14, 2019

A Helpful Guide To Browne's Beach In Oistins Barbados

Brownes Beach Oistins Barbados
In a previous blog I spoke about the best beach in Oistins Barbados which is Miami beach. When it comes to one of the best beaches in Barbados you would have to go with Brownes beach . This is one of the beaches that my family and I always go to when we are here in Barbados. When people talk about crystal clear water and white sand beaches, this is one of the best of them in Barbados. One of the things I love about this beach is how clam the water is and the fact that you can walk out for a bit before the water begins to get deeper. On a hot day the water is warm and is a refreshing break from the heat of the sun. Great up to date shots of Brownes beach can be found on this youtube channel called Adventures with Ashawnya which has excellent drone shots here .

Facilities and Refreshments

This beach also has onsite facilities including change rooms, bathrooms, and showers on the outside. There are a variety of refreshments for purchase from a mixed drink truck and snow cone carts with exotic flavours such as tamarind and coconut to go along with more traditional flavours of cherry, pineapple, blueberry etc. The cost of the mixed drinks can range from 5-8 US dollars while snow cones are only 2 dollars. If you are in Barbados you have to try a snow cone with condensed milk which will increase the price by 50 cents. There is no place to buy food however, so if you are looking to come to the beach you will need to pack your own food and snacks. Think of it as more of a picnic beach.


Brownes beach is located just on the outskirts of Bridgetown stretching from a place called The Boatyard in the north to Needham's Point. This beach overlooks Carlisle Bay which is a bay and natural harbour on the west coast of Barbados. If you are looking for an exact location, it can be found here .

Beach Chairs & Umbrellas

There are lots of vendors who sell beach chairs and umbrellas on Brownes beach. The price is usually around 30 US dollars for two chairs and an umbrella. However, if you're staying at one of our condos those chairs and umbrellas are provided. To me that price seems a bit expensive especially if you are travelling with more than just two people.


Another great feature of Brownes beach is that it is right next to several wrecks which are home to diverse tropical sea life below the surface. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to swim (yet) so I cannot attest to how beautiful the marine life is. However, many times on Brownes beach after walking out a little bit you can see schools of fish darting around your feet. This alone is a site to see, so I can only image what reef habitat looks like.

How To Get To Brownes Beach

If you are leaving from our condos you need to turn right onto Lower Carters Gap and go straight until you get to Enterprise Road (Highway 7). Make a left and drive until you get to Top Rock roundabout. Make a first left and continue to drive until you pass the Garrison. Continue to drive until you see the beach on your left hand side. Turn into the parking lot and park.

Other Driving Directions

By ZR Van or Public Buses:

Both the ZR vans and public buses travel along Enterprise Road (Highway 7) on a regular basis. There is a bus stop right in front of Brownes Beach.

By Car coming from Bridgetown:

If you go into Bridgetown and want to stop in on the way back is to drive along Highway 7 until you see Browne’s beach on the right. Turn in and park.


When it comes to beautiful beaches Brownes beach is up there as one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean. Due to its white sand, calm waters and expansive beach area, if you go with family or even just as a couple or alone, this beach is a great place to go to. It can get busy at times- especially when several cruise ships are in port- but due to how large the beach is there is still plenty of room for you and your family to find a great spot.

Have you gone to Brownes Beach before? What did you think of it? Let us know!

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