May 30, 2019

A Helpful Guide To Accra/Rockley Beach In Oistins Barbados

accra beach oistins barbados
We have spoken already about Miami beach and one of the best beaches in the world Brownes beach, but there are other beaches on the island. The next closest and well-known beach to Oistins Barbados is Accra or Rockley beach. This beach is located along the main road (Highway 7) in between Miami beach and Brownes beach and is right across from Just Grillin’ located in the Quayside centre. This beach (Rockley) is called Accra beach because of the proximity to Accra Hotel & Spa located right next to the beach. In my opinion, I am not a huge fan of the beach not because it isn’t a nice beach but because of where it is; it is a very busy beach. A lot of beaches are getting busy with the increase of people coming to Barbados, and with the location of the hotel this beach is packed at all times. I usually prefer a quieter beach or a large, more expansive beach where more people can enjoy themselves but they are stretched out across the beach so there is more space which makes it seem as if there are less people.

The beach has small to medium waves, clear waters, not too much undertow and is ideal for Body Surfing, Boogie Boarding and snorkeling. The many facilities at Accra include a play-park, beach bars, umbrella and chair rentals and a food court. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas for a (reasonable?) price of 20-30 dollars US. It has a large parking lot, showers, changing room and toilet facilities, as well as a children’s playground. There are picnic tables at the back of Accra beach where you can also enjoy your own food and drinks. They have a great rating on Trip Advisor which you can access here .

List of Amenities

Accra has a large list of amenities that would make it a great spot to go swimming.
— Picnic tables
— Toilets, showers and changing facilities
— Food and drinks available
— Clothes and souvenir stalls
— Disabled/wheelchair access
— Children’s playground
— Taxi rank
— Ample parking available
— Lifeguard


If you are looking to have something to eat while you are at the beach but didn't pack any food, this spot is fantastic due to all of the food providers that are close by. Several beach-side bars sell local food, drinks and mixed cocktails like pina coladas, margaritas, and daiquiris that you can happily sit and enjoy, or take away. You will also find the occasional food van in the car park (especially around lunch time) selling great local food at reasonable prices. Another great aspect of this beach is that it is across the street from Quayside centre which has many different food options. From ice cream, pizza, and coffee, to roti and doubles, there is something for everyone. Of course it also houses one of my favorite places to eat Just Grillin' where you can find the best hamburgers on the island. There is also a large Chefette Restaurant and its sister restaurant BBQ Barn where you can get your chicken and fries fix right next to the beach.


How To Get To Accra Beach

If you are leaving from our condos you need to turn right onto Lower Carters Gap and go straight until you get to Enterprise Road (Highway 7). Make a left and drive until you get to Top Rock roundabout. Make a first left and continue to drive until you pass the Garrison. Continue to drive until you see the beach on your left hand side. Turn into the parking lot and park.
Other Driving Directions

By ZR Vans or Public Buses:
Both the ZR vans and public buses travel along Enterprise Road (Highway 7) on a regular basis. There is a bus stop right in front of Accra Beach.

By Car coming from Bridgetown:
If you go into Bridgetown and want to stop in on the way back is to drive along Highway 7 until you see Accra beach on the right. Turn in and park.


Again, while this isn't one of my favorite beaches, it still is a very popular beach with great amenities and an excellent location for food. If you are okay with a busy beach that has great water and sand this would be the place for you. The close food options also make it a great place to spend time with the family whether you are having a picnic with your own food or going to purchase something for yourself.

Have you ever been to Accra beach? Let us know below!

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