June 5, 2019

A Helpful Guide To Understanding Wildlife In Oistins Barbados

Turtles Oistins Barbados
If you are going to a Caribbean island you must be ready to encounter the wildlife that is specific to the geographical location. Oistins Barbados and Barbados on the whole is host to a diverse wildlife population that whether you are interested in them or not, at some point in time you will come into contact with them. There are many animals found on Barbados which include the mongoose, eight species of bat, the elusive European hare, red-footed tortoise, different kinds of lizards, whistling frogs, and toads. Knowing about them will make your vacation more enjoyable as you can expect to come into contact with one of these animals during your time on the island. While I won't speak to all of the wildlife on the island (as this would make it a very long blog post), I will speak to three of the most common wild animals you may encounter during your time here.

The most popular animal of the island you will likely encounter is the green monkey. The green monkeys found on Barbados originally came from Senegal and Gambia in West Africa approximately 350 years ago. Many years have passed since these monkeys arrived on Barbados and, as a result of environmental differences and evolution, the Barbados monkeys today have different characteristics than those in West Africa.
The monkeys are found mainly in the parishes of St. John, St. Joseph, St. Andrew and St. Thomas, where much natural vegetation and woodlands still exist. However, monkeys can also be seen strolling or climbing around St. Peter, St. James, and Christ Church. Close to our own condo we have seen a monkey or two in the vegetation and while it can be a bit jarring, the animals are beautiful to see. They have a thick coat of brownish grey fur, with highlights of yellow and green, which makes them look green in colour and appearance, hence the name the ‘green monkey’. They eat mostly plants and fruits and are relatively harmless as long as you leave them alone and do not bother them.

One of the main things people love to do while in Barbados is to swim with the local wildlife. Outside of dolphins and fish, the sea turtle is something native to Barbados and is a special creature for divers to see while visiting the island. There are three main kinds of sea turtles found in the waters of Barbados:
the green turtle
the hawksbill turtle
the leatherback turtle

As of 1998, the Government of Barbados made it illegal to catch any species of sea turtle in Barbados, as well as possess any kind of turtle product such as their shells and eggs which allowed for the continued survival of the animals. They have always been local to the island however over the years they have started to become an endangered species. The hawksbill and leatherback sea turtles are considered critically endangered, whereas the green turtles are considered to be endangered. One of the main spots where you can go and swim with them is close to the shore at Mount Standfast near the Lone Star Restaurant in the parish of St. James. That location can be found here .

Of all the wildlife you may encounter the lizard is the most common as they can be found everywhere around the island. There are six main lizards with three being the most common. The only one that I have seen personally is the green lizard. Commonly known as cock lizards to Barbadians, the male species uses its brightly coloured throat fan to ward off potential predators and also to attract females. They are not dangerous but I have encountered them coming into the home. So just keep that in mind while on the island.


Barbados has a vast array of wildlife and many of them are beautiful to look at. What you may need to keep in mind is how you interact with them to ensure you aren’t scared and that
you won’t scare them. Most of the time if you leave them alone they will leave you alone as well.

Let us know if you have encountered any of these animals below.

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