June 7, 2019

A Helpful Guide To Underwater Attractions In Oistins Barbados

submarine in oistins barbados
With crystal clear blue waters, swimming and doing under sea activities are a must when on the island. While I cannot swim (yet), I do love going into the water (waist deep) looking down and seeing the beautiful life swimming beneath. I love to see schools of fish pass by as I stand in the water, and I recently got to see what coral reefs with their ecosystems look like. Barbados is known for having excellent under water attractions; we will discuss what some of them are so you can decide what you’d like to do when you visit Oistins Barbados.


If you love to dive under water, then snorkelling will be a great thing to participate in while on the island. There are many different snorkelling sites that will take you to beautiful underground dwellings which reveal a number of unique and interesting underwater life including a variety of tropical fish and turtles, stingrays, manta rays, barracudas, and colourful coral formations. There are three main companies that will provide a snorkelling adventure.

Jolly Roger

This comfortable schooner offers plenty of space for socializing, including a top deck for sunbathing and shade from the hot Bajan sun. The fun of this company is the pirate feel that you have including sailing on a pirate ship. On that ship you will be sailing to Carlisle Bay, a marine park where you’ll stop for a snorkel and swim over several sunken ships. If you are looking to book with them, you can do that here .

Action Charters Catamaran Sailing Cruises

This is another organization that also specializes in snorkelling. While cruising you can experience feeding and swimming with turtles. You stop to snorkel at a coral reef and ship wreck where you can hand feed colourful tropical fish. They, like the Jolly Roger, also offer a lunch that is included. If you are looking to book with them, you can find their website here .

The Dive Shop

If you are not someone who is a professional diver, then the dive shop might be the best place to go to still experience snorkelling on the island. The have a cheaper option than the first two and thus may be good for non-experienced divers. If you are looking to book with them, you can do so here .

If you are someone who cannot swim like myself but is still interested in seeing under water life, a submarine excursion may be the way to go. While on the excursion you travel under water in a real submarine, with big view ports all around, fully submerged in the Caribbean Sea, and you can see various curious exotic fish. The tour lasts ninety minutes from start to finish and you will spend forty to forty-five minutes (40-45 min) underwater. This undersea voyage comes with a narrator who throughout the voyage will give important information about the oceanic wildlife. They can take you to a shipwreck and to depths of 150 feet, in air-conditioned comfort, which in the past has been reserved only for scuba divers. This is an experience you must do if you can't swim like myself but still want to see what life underwater is like. This excursion has great reviews on Trip Advisor which can be seen here .


If you love underwater adventures Barbados has many different attractions that will be able to satisfy your appetite. From the many different snorkeling activities to a submarine underwater adventure there is something for everyone. While I love the water and going into the water, going underneath is another thing altogether. The submarine is the excursion that I definitely recommend.

Have you done any underwater activities? Let us know below.

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