June 21, 2019

A Helpful Guide To The Wildlife Reserve Around Oistins Barbados

wildlife reserve oistins barbados
If you have children and are looking for an excursion to go on with them while on the island, going to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a must do. It isn’t in the area of Oistins Barbados but because of how (relatively) small the island is, getting to any attraction is not a far car ride away. If you have children who are interested in animals or if you yourself have an interest in animals this is a great opportunity for you to go and experience some of the animals that are native to the island.

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve occupies four acres and is dedicated to research and conservation. Unlike a zoo, the animals are able to roam freely through the reserve. The best time to see the animals is around two o'clock, as this is when feeding time occurs. You are able to walk around the facility and see the animals in their natural habitat. Some of the main animals you will be able to view are:

The Green Monkey
These monkeys have golden-green fur and pale hands and feet. The tip of a green monkey's tail, along with its cheek whiskers and the backs of its thighs, is golden yellow

The Mara
This is a large relative of the guinea pig and can be described as a long legged rabbit.

The Iguana
This iguana has a row of spines called a dewlap running down its back to its tail. It has a tiny "third eye" known as the parietal eye on its head; however, this eye can only sense brightness and cannot make out details.

The Caiman
Also spelled Cayman, these are small sized crocodilians, distinguished from alligators by a few features, such as relatively longer, more slender teeth and the lack of a bony septum between their nostrils.

The Parrot
They usually spend their time perched or climbing in trees.

The Peacock
Although generally referred to as peacocks, these beautiful birds are actually called peafowl. Only the males are peacocks.

The Tortoise
Their shells are used to shield them from predators, and consist of the carapace, which is the top part, and the plastron, which is the underside.

The Brocket Deer
These are small to medium sized deer with large ears and stout bodies.

I have not yet visited the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, but definitely intend to on our next visit to the island, since an excursion to the reserve promises to be a great outing for families and adults alike. While you may see green monkeys at any time on the island, visiting the reserve is a great way to see them and other native animals outside of a zoo-like setting.

Have you ever visited the Barbados Wildlife Reserve? Which animals were you most interested to see? Let us know in the comments below!

Island Greetings,
Thoywell and Shanelle
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