July 15, 2019

A Helpful Guide To Regular Life In Oistins Barbados

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If you are looking to do a short term rental, more often than not you are looking to experience regular life in a country and not just the tourist attractions. Living where locals live, feeling the culture and eating authentic food are all things that people want to experience. If you are going to Barbados, you will most likely want to find out what is the regular life of a Bajan person living on the island. If you are looking to spend some time in Oistins Barbados, there are regular things that are unique to island living that you need to be aware of to truly enjoy your stay. In this blog we will look at the local animals, weather on the island, and something that is called “island time” that you need to be aware of while enjoying your vacation.

Local Animals

When it comes to local animals on the island we are not talking about the green monkey, sea turtles or lizards. Those can be found in my previous blog which speaks of exotic animals on the island which can be found here. Today we are talking about animals you may actually run into while going about your daily life in Oistins Barbados. The three most common animals would be cows, chickens, and the black belly sheep. These are the three most common animals on the island that you will find wandering in yards and on the streets in almost every area that you go. Having cows are a local source of income and food source for many Bajans on the island as they can use or sell the milk or the meat, or sell the cow. Many Bajans love to raise chickens as they are a constant source of food in eggs as well as for the chickens themselves. You will often find hens and roosters running (and more so walking) across the road and you will have to make time to stop and let them pass. The black belly sheep is also a fixture in many yards and are sometimes found crossing the road. Because these sheep have no wool, they almost look like goats, but they are definitely sheep with a brown coat and a black belly. Something you will also have to get accustomed to is the sound of cows and sheep randomly mooing and bleating during the night and roosters crowing early in the morning hours. While the first two nights may take some getting use to, by the third night those noises will become background and you'll be able to fall asleep and stay asleep with no problems.


When it comes to the weather in any Caribbean country you can expect the majority of the time to have sunny skies. Barbados is no different in that in most days on the island you can expect nothing but sun and blue skies. You can expect hot sunny days and tropical rain showers in the summer months, especially during the hurricane season (low season) which runs from June to November. That doesn’t mean it is a bad time to go as most people do travel there during summer months. Keep in mind that while the heat and humidity can soar in the summer and while there is a good chance of rain, it typically comes in short showers followed quickly by sunny skies.

The cooler season runs roughly from December to mid-April when the weather is drier and less humid than other times of the year. This is usually when our family travels to Barbados as the heat is easier to handle. This is the peak season or high season in Barbados, and one of the best times to visit weather-wise, especially if you prefer the good weather to be pretty much guaranteed. You should also be aware of hurricane seasons on the island. Now this does not mean that every year during this time a hurricane occurs, but what it does mean is that there is a great chance of a hurricane occurring during this time. To ensure a hurricane is not happening during your vacation use the hurricane forecast before travelling – National Hurricane Center .

Island Time

When it comes to vacationing people are usually okay with the idea of island time. Being able to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of daily living and "do nothing" is the ideal. However, when you are going to "live" in Barbados and transact daily business on the island the idea of island time becomes a bit more frustrating. Working on a project of construction on the island and dealing with contractors, suppliers and government officials when everyone is operating on island time makes it difficult to get things done. Stores that are supposed to open at a certain time often open when the employees feel like opening. Employees move at a snail's place to work with customers and things that could be done in five minutes end up taking twenty minutes. You need to know that you must pack your patience when dealing with people and business on the island. For someone like myself who likes to move quickly it is extremely frustrating just to do daily tasks on the island. Be forewarned now; pack your patience and expect things to take three times as long as it normally would.


If you're going to vacation on the island and stay at a resort, you may not encounter many of the things described here. However, if you are looking to do some island living be prepared to come into contact with some of the unique things the island has to offer. Be prepared to come across animals in random places, weather, and people working on island time. If you travel prepared, you won't be surprised when these things come up during your time in Oistins Barbados.

Have you experienced any of these unique experiences while travelling? Let us know below!

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